Welcome to People Migrate


Welcome to People Migrate!

This site is a forum for discussion of U.S. immigration law. People with questions about immigration law can ask them, and people who know the answers can answer the questions.

The site is free to use. My goal is not to sell you other products or services through this site. I am creating this forum in the hope that it will become a useful tool for people who are trying to resolve immigration problems for themselves or their loved ones.

About me: I am an immigration lawyer in private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Working at nonprofit agencies in New York and Pennsylvania, I grew frustrated with the harsh and senseless immigration laws that destroy families and dreams. As I began working with community organizers trying to change the immigration laws, I learned that lack of information about the immigration system was one of the biggest obstacles to change. I hope that people who have information that others are looking for will feel free to share it with them. Together we are stronger than fighting the system alone.

Please note that none of the information on this site should be considered legal advice. Asking or answering a question does not create a client-attorney relationship. This site is not a substitute for advice from a competent immigration attorney, and anyone interacting with the immigration system should consult with a competent immigration attorney before taking action.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to ask a question!

David Bennion