Please help with i-765ws for DACA Renewal


i currently went with a man who helped me fill out the forms but when it came to for i-765ws I wasn’t to satisfied with what he put.
He put my annual income at 21,000 my expenses at 2,000 and value of assets to 19,000 for the explanation he put that i live with my parents and have minimal expenses. This isn’t sitting right with me so I’ve decided to refill out the form before i sent the packet. Can anyone okay my answers?
For Annual Income I put 21,000, expenses 17,000 and value of assets 7,000.
for the explanation i put:
I am currently living with my parents where even though i do not pay rent i contribute to our household by paying for all utilities and helping with grocery expenses. I also have many personal expenses such as car insurance, gas and maintenance, cell phone bills, health insurance and medical expenses, purchase of personal items such as clothing and hygiene products. I am also expecting a child on March 11, 2016 and as a soon to be single mother I now more than ever have a need to be able to continue working to take care of myself and my family. i want to be able to obtain a better paying job and work towards saving to purchase a home. my assets pertain to the vehicle i bought from by brother and also working to pay off.